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Lea Andersen
11"x3.5"x3.5", blown glass, 2008

Mari Andrews
32"x23"x7", wire, stones, silicone, 2008

Prabin Badhia
"Dancing Wood"
54"x74", oil on canvas, 2008

Carolyn Bellis
"Mother Earth"
32"x27", ink, watercolor on paper, 2008

Robin Bernstein
25"x22", wood, wax, string, 2008

Priscilla Birge
"Textured Memories"
28"x31", archival digital fine art print with handwork, 2006

Pamela Blotner
"Baba Yaga"
60"x48"x4", felted wool, mixed media, 2007

Eric D. Bohr
18"x24", mixed media on canvas, 2008

Joan Bossart
"Hens, Chicks, Migrating Birds"
12"x19.75"x3", wool on canvas, 2000

Allan Boutrous
30"x30", acrylic on canvas

Linda Lee Boyd
"Stucco Workers"
34"x27", woodcut, 2005

Edythe Bresnahan
"Siena Series #8"
80"x76", oil on canvas, 2007

Yvette M. Buigues
"Cabbage Patch of Freedom"
42"x36"x1.5", acrylic, prismacolor on panel, 2008

Christopher Castle
43"x63", soil samples on paper, 2008

Frank Cole
"Me and Mine"
32"x48", acrylic on board, 2007

Kirk Crippens
24"x36", framed color photograph, 2008

Corinna Crotty
24"x24", acrylic on canvas, 2008

Jim Dennis
20"x16", black and white photograph, Giclée ptiny

Deborah Diamond
"Diablo Horse Ranch"
16"x20", oil on canvas, 2007

Joseph DiStefano
"Twiins (No the Staples Are Not Real)"
10"x8", Giclee print, 2007

Rae Dunn
"Snow Teapot"
13"x7"x2", clay, 2006

Chela Fielding
"Underneath the Circus Tent"
48"x48", mixed media, 2008

Mark P. Fisher
"Fanah Pazool"
20"x52", acrylic on canvas, 2008

Morgan Ford
20"x16", black and white photograph, 2006

Adriana Fracchia
20"x25", chromogenic print, 2008

Donna Gamel
"Quiet Garden"
16"x20"x1", watercolor on paper, 2007

Ruth Gilmore
25.75"x36", color photograph
(#1, edition of 7), 2006

Cie Goulet
30"x40", oil on paper, 2008

Susie Grant
6"x49", collage, oil and wax on panel, 2008

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