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Kim Harrington
46"x46", Giclée print, 2004/08

Ana Lisa Hedstrom
78"x34"x.25", poly felt, transfer printing, 2008

Carl Hoard II
"Mystic Waters"
The Subway, Zion National Park, Utah
36"x28", digital photograph, 2007

Archana Horsting
"Little Mine"
from series: Homage to "Structure of Utility"
40"x32", oil stick on paper, 2008

Rachel Hubbard
"Color Me"
20"x24"x3/4", Lightjet print, 2007

Dean Hunsaker
"Opus 3"
30"x30", oil on mahogany panel, 2008

Victoria Jew
"Fugitives from Blue and Green"
15"x22", mixed media on paper, 2008

Dale Johnson
"Landscape Line Series #1"
20"x16", acrylic on canvas, 2008

Ken Kalman
"Cleaning House"
58"x30"x10", aluminum sheet, cast aluminum, wire, rivets, 2008

Teresa Kalnoskas
"Blus Still"
62"x62", oil, alkyd, wax on canvas, 2008

Jerry Kapler
"Looking for True Love"
20"x40", digital inkjet print, 2008

Lawrence Keenan
"Bruce Connor's Parlor Tricks"
13"x19"x1", photograph, ink jet print, 3D stero views created in Photoshop, 2004/2005

Amanda Jane Kennedy
30"x6.5"x2", ceramic, 2008

Briana Kitt
"Caution: Falling Fortunes"
90"x72"x72", mixed media, 2008

Candace Kling
"Massacre at Bridalveil Falls"
183"x72"x60", textile, mixed media, 2005 (detail)

Ed Lazarus
"Untitled-Forest View, NJ"
25"x27.5", marker, acrylic on glass, 2007

Stephen Lefkovits
"Rodeo Beach Wave IV"
24"x16", light jet print, 2006

John W. Lund
17.5"x14.5", Ultrachrome inkjet print, 2008

Kay Marshall
30"x30", acrylic, mixed media on canvas, 2008

Bonnie Marzlak
"A Life of Wishes"
20"x10", digitally altered drawing on paper, 2006

Lenore McDonald
"Living on the Edge"
24"x24", oil on canvas, 2008

Pam Mendelsohn
"On Track"
18"x14", digital color photograph, 2006

Joseph Mudd
"Hollis Sunset Reflected"
13"x19", digital photograph, 2008

Jeanne Mullen
"Clayton VIII"
22.5"x22.5", pastel on paper, 2008

Michael Murphy
48"x36", acrylic on canvas, 2008

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