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Gabriel Nansen
"The Last Days of Gravity"
72"x60"x24", globe, chain, cleat, 2008

Bonnie K. Neumann
"Ocean View"
40"x40", oil and alkyd on panel, 2006

Jeanne O'Connor
"Red Car on Poplar Street"
30"x40", painted film over chalk pastel, 2008

Joseph Oddo
"Port of Oakland"
60"x90"x2", oil on canvas, 1994 and 2004

Sylvain Oristil
"Lady in Winter"
40"x32", collage on board, 2005

Robert Ortbal
60"x57"x9", chicken wire, aqua resin, paint, and flock, 2007

Nora Pauwels
"van 15 september tot 30 maart.verloren woorden"
52"x22", pen and ink on paper, 2008

Nora Pauwels
"van 27 april tot 7 maart.verloren woorden"
52"x22", pen and ink on paper, 2008

Shawna Peterson
17"x16"x16", neon tubing with neon gas, acrylic panels fabricated from found sign faces, 2006

Michael Pope
"Rail Crossing at Jack London Square"
16"x13", pastel on paper, 208

Amanaa Rendall
"Layover on Planet Blap"
22"x28", watercolor, ink on paper, 2007

Rik Ritchey
"Means of Last Resort: Paranoia"
72"x56"x2", acrylic, beeswax, polyurethane, 2002

Josh Rosenthal
"Delicate Reclamation"
33.6"x24"x1.5", digital photograph, 2007

Foad Satterfield
"Narrative Series-Untitled"
12"x12", acrylic and bristol, 2008

Anastasia Winter Schipani
"Nature Revives Itself after Man"
143"'x58"x30", textiles, 2008

William Schwob
Altered Landscape, Pt. Reyes"
diptych, 20"x16" each, black and white silver gelatin print, 2007

Susan Scott
"Eros and Agape"
15"x15", Giclèe print, 2008

Nancy Sears
30"x30", oil on canvas, 2008

Marnika Shelton
"Dual Compensation Series: Cocked #2"
5'x7.75"x1.5", ceramic, 2008

M. Louise Stanley
"Jupiter and Io"
62"x80", acrylic on canvas, 2008

Kim Steinbacher
"Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, California"
16"x20", photograph, 2003/2008

Mardi Storm
18"x24", Giclee print, 2008

Gail Tarantino
"One Act"
48"x48", acrylic on canvas, 2007

Canan Tolon
"Glitch XIII"
30"x25", oil on canvas, 2008

Kevin Twomey
"Botanicals Study #7"
20"x16", Giclèe print, 2008

John Whitehead
9.5"x6.75"x6.75", stainless steel polished, 2008

Susan Wolf
"2008 Codex"
59'x8", silkscreen, hand line, machine stiched, paper, 2006

Robert Zentner
"Spring Loaded"
40"x30", enamel on canvas, 2007

Troy Ziel
"God Is Not Home Today"
30"x30", black and white photograph, 2004

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