©2009 Emeryville Celebration of the Arts, Inc.

Robert Abrams
“Stem #17”
18˝x3˝, wood fired clay, 2009

Mark Adams
“Chalk Horse”,
15˝x10.5˝, digital photograph, 2009

Mari Andrews
“Monkey Mind”
16˝x9˝x7-1/2˝, wire, 2009

Salina Arastu
“Night Time Stories”
21˝x21˝, acrylic, pen and ink on board, 2006

Susan Taber Avila
“Information Overload”
73˝x46˝x1/2˝, thread, hand dyed fabric remnants, industrial felt, free motion machine stitching, 2008

Prabin Badhia
36˝x48˝, oil on canvas, 2009

Indrani Baruah
“Invisible Forces–I”
36˝x12˝, acrylic, ink and markers on canvas, 2009

Carolyn Bellis
“From the Other Side”
40˝x36˝, acrylic on canvas, paper, 2008

Priscilla Birge
“Aerial View No. 2”
26˝x30˝, archival digital collage, 2007

Pamela Blotner
60˝x40˝x6˝, felted wool, mixed media, 2009

Eric D. Bohr
“Blackbox #6”
48˝x60˝, acrylic, mixed media on canvas, 2007

Linda Lee Boyd
“Pouring Concrete”
30˝x28˝, woodcut, 1995

Edythe Bresnahan
“Siena Series #59”
18˝x18˝, oil on canvas, 2009

Edythe Bresnahan
“Siena Series #60”
18˝x18˝, oil, 2009

Yvette M. Buigues
36˝x30˝x1.5˝, acrylic,
pencil and coffee on panel, 2009

Cole Bybee
“Jeff-Toronto, Canada”
50˝x40˝, solvent transfer, photograph, woodcut print, 2009

Jerry Carniglia
“Her Potion”
40˝x26˝, oil on paper, 2008

Debra Carr
11˝x15˝, acrylic on canvas, 1996

Shawn Carter
“Wake Resolution”
24˝x20˝, oil painting, 2007

Arly Cassidy
24˝x36˝, Photograph, 2009

Christopher Castle
“Sol Li”
29.5˝x19.5˝, soil samples on paper, 2008

Sara Christian
“Untitled #3, Hair Wars Series”
15˝x11˝, paper collage, thread, ink, gouache, 2009

Caitlin Coreris
18˝x18˝x1.5˝, molding paste and oil paint on canvas, 2009

Kirk Crippens
“Green Ghost”
24˝x36˝, photograph, archival pigment, 2009

John DeMerritt
“Sarah, 1976”
6˝x8˝5˝, museum board, silk, imitation leather, paper, 2009

John DeMerritt
“John and Jamie, 1969”
6˝x8˝x5˝, museum board, wood grain paper, handmade paper, canvas, 2009

John DeMerritt
“Mathew, 2009”, 6˝x8˝x5˝, museum board, canvas, 2009

Joseph DiStefano
“David Smith’s Chair: Sunrise”
36˝x14˝x18˝, plywood and laminate, 2009

Rae Dunn
“Winter Vessel”
20˝x8˝x8˝, clay, 2009

Chela Fielding
“Inside of You is Me”
44-1/2˝x24˝x20˝, old chair, x-ray, waxed string, wooden dollie, light, 2008

Mark P. Fisher
“Slant Step Columbia”
22-1/2˝x28˝, charcoal and chalk on paper, 2008

Morgan Ford
20˝x16˝x1˝, color photograph, 2009