©2009 Emeryville Celebration of the Arts, Inc.

Ruth Gilmore
“Water Rainbow”
35-1/2˝x26˝, photograph, 2003

Jeffrey Glossip
“Anchor VII (You Would Too)”
54˝x68˝, 2009

Nick Gomez
“Emeryville Haiku: One”
16˝x24˝x1/4˝, photography installation, 2009

Cie Goulet
“Harvest Fields”
34˝x44˝, oil on paper, 2008

Susie Grant
“Cross Polinization”
6˝x6˝, pinned collage: 1950s encyclopedic illustrations, 2009

Susie Grant
“Tiny Patterns”
6˝x6˝, pinned collage: 1970s dress patterns, 2009

Susie Grant
6˝x6˝, pinned collage: 1950s encyclopedic illustrations, 2099

Kim Harrington
“Rhubarb Nr. Four”
40˝x42˝, photograph, 2009

Carl Hoard II
“Balancing Act, Joshua Tree N.P, California”
28˝x39˝, digital photograph, 2009

Ann Holsberry
“No. 7”
14˝x11˝x1˝, oil and wax on wood, 2009

Archana Horsting
40˝x64˝, oil stick on paper, 2007

Dean Hunsaker
“Voyage: View from Montmartre”
12˝x20˝, acrylic on mahogany panel, 2009

Lisa Jacobs
“Samuraiís Dream
with Flower Motif Holey Dome”
3-1/2˝x7˝x7˝, raku fired stoneware with lamp electrical fixture, 2008

Harley Jensen
“At the Museum”
20˝x16˝, Photograph, 2006

Victoria Jew
26˝x20˝, acrylic on yupo, 2009

Dale Johnson
“East Bay”
12˝x24˝, acrylic on canvas, 2008

Christopher Kansy
“Amber Abstract”
48˝x60˝, oil on canvas, 2007

Jerry Kapler
20˝x40˝, inkjet on hanemahle, 2008

Tess Kavanagh
42˝x58˝, oil on paper, 2009

John Kearns
“Rug Trap”
11˝x8 1/2˝, pencil on paper, 2008

Candace Kling
“Candy Sampler: Sweet Ecstasy”
2 1/4˝x11˝x11˝, textile, mixed media, 2007

Therese Lahaie
“Tail Wagging Dance”
20˝x16˝x9 1/8˝, glass, wood, glue, gesso, paint, 2009

Kate Leffler
16˝x20˝, oil on canvas, 2009

Stephen Lefkovits
“Hanalei Bay II”
24˝x16˝, Light Jet print, 2006

John W. Lund
16˝x20˝, Ultrachrome Ink Jet print, 2009

Jeff Margolin
“Dyptich B”
28˝x28˝x4˝, ceramic, 2008

Kay Marshall
30˝x30˝x2˝, acrylic, mixed media on canvas, 2009

Diana Marto
“Locus Magiquorum”
64˝x33˝x7˝, cast artist made paper formed by the wind & a tree from kozo, abaca, & cotton fibers with Big Sur Kelp, pigments, mica & amethyst, 2004-2006

Bonnie Marzlak
“Swimming the Changing Waters”
26˝x20˝, watercolor, ink on paper, 2008

Lenore McDonald
“Floating World”
36˝x42˝, oil on textured panel, 2005

Pam Mendelsohn
“Reflection: Museum of Modern Art,
New York”
14˝x18˝, digital color photograph of a reflection, 2009

Mary Ann Merker
“Inside Nest”
12.25˝x9˝, color pencil and gouache on photo paper, 2009

Michael Murphy
“Haiku 4”
48˝x36˝, acrylic on canvas, 2009