©2009 Emeryville Celebration of the Arts, Inc.

Bonnie K. Neumann
“Spring Rain #2”
8˝x18˝, oil and alkyd and wax on panel, 2009

Sylvain Oristil
“Uno, Dos, Tres #2”
32˝x40˝, collage on board, 2009

Robert Ortbal
16˝x18˝x16˝, foam, aqua resin, wood, plastic cups and paint, 2008

Nora Pauwels
“Pinehurst Road, Canyon”
24˝x36˝, drawing, ballpoint pen and ink on paper, 2009

Shawna Peterson
“Dress Form”
64˝x16˝x10˝, neon tubing with neon gas, steel dress form stand, 2008

Valeria Ponte
25˝x19˝, ink on paper,

Michael Pope
“An Area in My Kitchen”
pastel on paper, 2008

Rich Quade
“DIY Photo2”
6.5˝x8˝x3˝, photo and box construction, 2008

Rich Quade
7˝x6˝x1.5˝, photo and found object box sculpture, 2007

Karen Redgreene
“Mi Ani Ha Yom? (Who Am I Today)”
8˝x10˝, acrylic on canvas, 2008

Ruth Rhoten
“Flower Power”
24˝x48˝, Acrylic, pastel, 2009

Sara Richardson
“Subtle Spin”
15.75˝x15.75˝, Mixed media, 2008

Rik Ritchey
74˝x56˝x1˝, acrylic, polyurethane, beeswax, 1998

Anastasia Winter Schipani
“My Vortex”
110˝'x32˝x18˝, textiles, 2009

Amitai Schwartz
“Young Monk Bhutan”
19˝x13˝, Archival matte print, 2008

William Schwob
“Contorted Figure”
7˝x5˝x10˝, Wood fired clay, 2009

Susan Scott
“Phantom Limbs”
12˝x12˝, Giclée print, 2009

David Seiler
“Muwekmy Dyptich”
48˝x48˝x3˝, mixed media on canvas, 2009

Steve Senter
“Landscape with Small Mountains”
10˝x11.75˝x.5˝, Oil on wood panel, 2009

Marnika Shelton
“Which Doll Looks like You?”
48˝x15˝x12˝, ceramic, 2009

Vickie Jo Sowell
16'x3'x2', 3 totems, enamel paint on welded steel, 2009

M. Louise Stanley
“Great Moments in Art History”
51˝x62˝, acrylic on canvas, 2009

Mardi Storm
“Angel of Travertine”
17˝x23˝, Giclée print, 2009

Gail Tarantino
22˝x28˝, acrylic on canvas, 2009

Canan Tolon
“Break-in 2”
24˝x21˝, oil on canvas, 2009

Kevin Twomey
“Butterfly Compostion 01,
Blue Morpho Butterfly”
16˝x16˝, Inkjet print, 2009

Ann Weber
“Go Ask Alice”
93˝x39˝x19˝, cardboard, staples, shellac, steel base, 2008

Linsey White
“Self in Still Life”
8˝x12˝, black and white photograph, 2004

John Whitehead
“Passing Through”
15.5˝x10.5˝x9˝, polished high grade aluminum, 2009

Marc Williams
“When All Has Been Forgotten”
30˝x30˝x2˝, Acrylic on canvas, 2008

Susan Wolf
“Knot Not, Chapter 2 (pages 1-3),
Informed by page #47-
One Syllable Word Project”
44˝x22.5˝, monoprint, image transfer, 2009

Robert P. Zentner
“Ice on the Edge of Extinction”
17.5˝x17.5˝, photo collage, 2009