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Steven Epstein
17˝x22˝, photograph, 2012

Mark P. Fisher
“‘Pataphysical Triptych”
44˝x102˝, oil, chalk on linen, 2010

Rebecca Snider Fogg
“Water + Color 4”
18˝x12˝, mixed media, 2008

Mauricio Gardeazabal
diptych, 12˝x16˝, acrylic on canvas, 2012

Paul Germain
62˝x44˝, wood, guitar strings, tuner, 2010

Ruth Gilmore
“Dancing Light”
26˝x35˝, photograph, 2005

Jeffrey Glossip
“Trinity Adjustment”
70˝x64˝, oil on canvas, 2012

Orah Goldman
“Jetson’s 2012”
photograph, 2012

Cie Goulet
34˝x34˝, oil on birch, 2012

Kim Harrington
“View from the Office”
32˝x40˝x2˝, photograph, 2011

Benjamin Harris
“3 Rings & 3 Polyhedrons”
72˝x72˝x72˝, weathering steel and pipe, 2010

Blanca R. Hayward
“Village Landscape”
16˝x20˝, acrylic on canvas, 2011

Ralf Hillebrand
“Highway 50 #1”
30˝x40˝, inkjet print, 2012

Carl Hoard II
“Urban Transformation” San Francisco Bay Area, California
20˝x48˝, digital photo frames playing 750 unique Graffiti images inset in a digital print, 2012

Ann Holsberry
24˝x24˝x2˝, encaustic on panel, 2012

Archana Horsting
“Old Man in the Mountain” (after D.H. Wilson)
40˝x32˝, paint stick on paper, 2012

Dean Hunsaker
“Circular Thinking”
24˝x48˝, mixed media on mahogany panels, 2012

Harley Jensen
“Old School House”
20˝x16˝, photograph, 2012

Victoria Jew
“Peacock and Apricot Juggling for Space”
40˝x26˝, acrylic on Yupo, 2011

Dale E. Johnson
“Memory Files”
14˝x18˝, acrylic, 2012

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