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Teresa Kalnoskas
“Mauve Still #16”
24˝x24˝, oil, alkyd, wax on canvas, 2011

Jerry Kapler
“Parting Company”
20˝x40˝, archival inkjet print, 2012

Therese Lahaie
“Running Lights”
12˝x12˝x5.25˝, LEDs, glue, paint, board, 2011

Therese Lahaie
“The View”
10.5˝x7.5˝x15˝, perforated brown paper bag, paint, 2012

Klaus Lange
36˝x36˝, color photo giclée, 2012

Kate Leffler
“Toro Bravo”
36˝x25˝, oil on canvas, 2011-12

Stephen Lefkovits
“Cerberus in the Arched”
24˝x36˝, photographic print, 2012

Alexander Mak
18˝x18˝, tip point pen, acrylic paint, color pencil, 2008

Tatiana Mak
“Violet Blow II”
15.5˝x11.5˝, color tip point pen, pencil, 2012

Tatiana Mak
“Violet Blow I”
15.5˝x11.5˝, color tip point pen, pencil, 2012

Buggsy Malone
“Lady Day”
34.5˝x18˝x3˝, acrylic and mixed media on wood, 2010

Jayson Manzano
“Life’s Trying to Kill Me”
21.25˝x17.5˝x1.5˝, ink and acrylic on paper, 2009

Jayson Manzano
“Pushing Up Daisies”
21.25˝x17.5˝x1.5˝, ink and acrylic on paper, 2009

Jeff Margolin
31˝x41˝x8˝, clay, 2012

Diana Marto
50˝x40˝, pencils, white crayon and chalk, 2011

Pam Mendelsohn
“Iconographic Souvenirs of Laos, Vientiane, 2011”
16˝x20˝, digital color photograph, 2011

Farideh Mohajeri
6˝x12˝, acrylic on canvas, 2012


James Morris
“Acquiesce”, 3˝x5˝x1.5˝, ceramic, 2012
“Lapse”, 5˝x6.5˝x3˝, ceramic, 2011
“Pose”, 3.5˝x5.5˝x2˝, ceramic, 2012
“Status Quo”, 3˝x3˝x2˝, ceramic, 2009
“Trepidation”, 4˝x5˝x3˝, ceramic, 2010

Michael Murphy
48˝x48˝, acrylic on canvas, 2012

Tess Muth
“Mosaic Grape”
20˝x24˝, mixed media on wood panel, 2011

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