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Robert Ortbal
“Meridians: First Principal”
wire, dissected fake flower parts, fabric balls, felt,
foam, cardboard, mirrored mylar, felt paint and flock, 2008-09

Robert Ortbal
“Meridians: Second Principal”
wire, plastic balls, dissected fake flower parts,
fabric balls, tree branch, cotton pads, paint and flock, 2008-09

Nora Pauwels
“Matilija Poppy. Panoramic Way.”
23.5x54˝ (12 panels), acrylic on board, 2011

Valeria Ponte
26˝x40˝, Conte Crayons and chalk pastel on archival paper, 2012

Michael Pope
pastel on paper, 2012, 11˝x15˝

Navin Rana
“A Foggy Evening in Emeryville, from Pacific Park Plaza”
photograph, 2012

Ruth Rhoten
“Sunset Fog”
29.5˝x34˝, acrylic on canvas, 2000

Rik Ritchey
“Macula Lutea”
74˝x56˝x1˝, acrylic, mixed media, polyurethane, 2003

Dean Santner
“Antique Shvatke Cart from Parma”
34˝x36˝x21˝, thermally modified hardwood,
dyed oriented strand board, 2012

Foad Satterfield
16˝x14˝, edition verité 1/15, silkscreen, gouache on paper, 2011

Foad Satterfield
16˝x14˝, edition verité 2/15, silkscreen, gouache on paper, 2012

Tania Savine
“Portrait of Tatyana Tolstaya”
14˝x11˝, watercolor on paper, 2012

Debra Saye
Untitled Portrait
8.5˝x8.2˝, photograph, 2012

Debra Saye
“The Mission”
8.3˝x11˝, photograph, 2012

Debra Saye
“Man in Window”
7.3˝x11˝, photograph, 2012

William Schwob
“Figure with Orange Knee”
62˝x13˝x12˝, wood-fired clay, 2012

William Schwob
“Figure with Severed Toe”
66˝x15˝x13˝, wood-fired clay, 2012

Susan Scott
“Burning Earth, II”
16˝x18˝, archival inkjet print, 2011

Susan Scott
“As Above, So Below”, 22˝x28˝, archival inkjet print, 2011

Susan Scott
“Puffy Things”
20˝x20˝, archival inkjet print, 2009

Steve Senter
“Study for Large Dancer”
18˝x24˝, oil/alkyd on wood panel, 2012

Steve Senter
“First Light”
24˝x18˝, oil/alkyd/charcoal on wood panel, 2012

Steve Skaar
“Immaterial Girl”
24˝x18˝x2˝, acrylic on canvas, 2011

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