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Vickie Jo Sowell
“Beautiful Artifact” series “Sconce”
114˝x48˝x36˝, plasma-cut steel, 2012

M. Louise Stanley
“Melencolia (after Durer)”
62˝x80˝, acrylic on canvas, 2012

Steven Steinberg
40˝x30˝x1.5˝, oil on canvas, 2012

Carl Stieger
“Open Field”
16˝x16˝, oil on watercolor paper, 2012

Carl Stieger
“Mountains I”
12˝x12˝, oil on watercolor paper, 2012

Carl Stieger
“Mountains II”
12˝x12˝, oil on watercolor paper, 2012

Cuong Ta
an installation of free form white,
blue and black buttons, ceramic, 2012

Will Tait
“Siren Song”
11˝x31˝x6˝, carved wood, bronze, wood base, 2010

Gail Tarantino
“What It Is”
36˝x36˝, acrylic on canvas, 2012

Gail Tarantino
18˝x36˝, acrylic on canvas, 2012

René K. A. Thomas
“Night Goggles No. 2”
24˝x36˝, oil on canvas, 2012

Canan Tolon
16˝x48˝, triptych, oil on clayboard panels, 2012
Courtesy of Paule Anglim Gallery

Lynne Turner
“Safe Haven”
13˝x19˝, archival permanent pigment inkjet print on rag, 2012

Kevin Twomey
“Hamann 300”
18˝x30˝, inkjet print, 2011

Kevin Twomey
“Olivetti Tetractys”
18˝x30˝, inkjet print, 2011

Xan Blood Walker
12.75˝x16.75˝, digital photo collage, 2012

Xan Blood Walker
“A Window to Windows”
17˝x12.75˝, digital photo collage, 2012

Ann Weber
“Ali’s Cocoon”
77˝x26˝x23˝, found cardboard, staples, polyurethane, pvc pipe, 2010

John Whitehead
30˝x10.5˝x10.5˝, polished stainless steel, 2012

John W. Wood
“Allegory of Desire”
47.75˝x47.75˝x2.25˝, mixed media on paper, mounted on panel, 2012

John W. Wood
“Dreams Will Have Their Way”
59˝x59˝x2.25˝, mixed media on paper, mounted on panel, 2012

Abba Yahudah
32.5˝x25˝, acrylic and mixed media on canvas, 2009

Troy Ziel
“Escape Is Always Nearby”
16˝x20˝x2˝, archival pigment print, 2012

Robert P. Zentner
“Death Ray & the Viper”
12˝x48˝, acrylic and ink on canvas, 2012


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