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Buggsy Malone
“Served and Crucified”, 48”x24”x1.25”, acrylic and mixed media on wood, 2013

Jayson Manzano
“Pain Killer”, 21.25”x17.25”, ink on paper, 2011

Jeff Margolin
“Figure”, 24”x13”x4”, clay, 2013

Pam Mendelsohn
“At the Royal Palace in Rabat, Morocco”, 21”x17”, digital color photograph, 2013

Stephanie Gene Morgan
“Eve 2”, 8”x4”x2”, silver gelatin emulsion/cement, 2011

Stephanie Gene Morgan
“Gape”, 10”x10”x1.5”, silver gelatin emulsion/cement, 2000

Stephanie Gene Morgan
“Muse 2”, 10”x10”x2”, silver gelatin emulsion/cement, 1998

Michael Murphy
“Rogue”, 48”x48”, acrylic on canvas, 2013

Hannah Olivia Nelson
“Purgatory”, 19.75”x19.75”, C Print, 2012

Bonnie Neumann
“Crosscurrents #29 & #30” diptych, 26”x12”x1”, oil on panel, 2013

Sylvain Oristil
“Bahia #4”, 19”x24”, collage on paper, 2013

Sara Paloma
“Moche Aspirator Vessels”, various 9” tall to 20” tall, wheel thrown stoneware, 2013

Nora Pauwels
#3 “Herbarium”, 8 panels, 12”x9” each, etching, 2013

James Persinger
#3 “White House at Night”, 24”x36”x1”, acrylic on canvas, 2008

Michael Pope
“Marina in the Rain”, 18”x24”, pastel on paper, 2013

Dennis Potter
“Enzo Kesa” (priest robe), 72”x84”, Asian paper construction, mixed media, 2010

Susan Quinn
“Stormy Skies”, 20”x28”, photograph archival print, 2012

Ruth Rhoten
“Mist at Hanging Rocks”, 12”x12”, acrylic on canvas, 2013

Rik Ritchey
”Two Drawings”, 48”x24”, crushed paper with print, 2013

Kevin Rooney
“Ode to the Trufulla”, 18”x21”, oil on canvas, 2013

Foad Satterfield
“Hollis Street Park No. 1”, 40”x30”, paint sticks, acrylic on paper, 2012

Eric Sanchez
“The Knockout SF - Outsiders Hollow”, 20”x30”, archival inkjet mounted on panel, 2013

Eric Sanchez
“Pittsburg Nights - Electrical Tower”, 30”x20”, archival inkjet mounted on panel, 2013

Tania Savine
“49er Fan Cowboy”, 20”x16”, oil on canvas, 2013

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