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Amitai Schwartz
“Apartments - Havana”, 16”x20”, archival digital photograph, 2012

Amitai Schwartz
“Covered Car - Havana”, 13”x19”, archival digital photograph, 2012

William Schwob
“Figure with Long Legs”, 69.5”x13”x11.5”, wood-fired clay, 2013

Susan Scott
“Terraforming”, 24”x24”, archival Inkjet print, 2013

Susan Scott
“Two Ships”, 20”x20”, archival Inkjet print, 2013

Steve Senter
“Arles”, 20”x24”, oil on panel, 2013

Kevin Smith
“View from Windy Hill”, 12”x16”, oil on canvas, 2012

Vickie Jo Sowell
“Everything Can Be Anything and Anything Can Be Something Else” living wall, 108”x138”x24”, galvanized steel, succulents, 2013

M. Louise Stanley
“Psych and Amor”, 55”x48”, acrylic on canvas, 2013

Steven Steinberg
“Beach Scene 3”, 36”x48”x1.5”, oil on canvas, 2013

Carl Stieger
“After the Sunrise #1”, 18”x18”, oil on paper, 2013

Moonyoung Sung
“Abandoned Dog” series, 8.7”x59.7”, acrylic on cardboard, 2013

Cuong Ta
“Standing Bamboo”, a grouping of ceramic bamboo 24” to 36”x 1.5” to 5”, stoneware with volcanic ash glaze, 2013

Gail Tarantino
“Secret Manifesto”, 25”x19”, acrylic ink on vellum, 2012

Gail Tarantino
“Uncscripted”, 25”x19”, acrylic on vellum, 2012

Michele Theberge
“Daily Navigations”, 60”x57”x68”, gouache on paper, pins, viewing chair, 2012

René K. A. Thomas
“Earthship”, 6.5”x10”, digital photograph, 2013

Canan Tolon
Untitled, 36”x36”, oil on board, 2013

Xan Blood Walker
“Beautiful Destruction”, 18”x24”, photograph, 2013

Xan Blood Walker
“Meditations in Comfort”, 24”x18”, photograph, 2013

Jesse Walton
“Fast Fish”, 34”x24”, acrylic on canvas, 2013

Jesse Walton
Untitled, 28”x26”x26”, acrylic on wood, 2013

Ann Weber
“Personage 54”, 54”x14”x11”
“Personage 97”, 97”x15”x10”
“Personage 73”, 73”x17”x16”
“Personage 83”, 83”x27”x21”
“Personage 77”, 77”x14”x12”
found cardboard, staples, polyurethane, pvc pipe, 2012

John W Wood
“Tincture of Autumn”, 42”x42”, mixed media on paper (pigment stick, oil pastel, graphite, colored pencil and crayon), 2013

Abba Yahudah
“Still Crying”, 66”x48”, acrylic on canvas, 2008

Troy Ziel
“Shining onto Imagination” Brick kiln, Bamboo Railroad, Cambodia, 24”x36”x2”, direct print on aluminum/box mount, 2013"

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