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Jaclyn Feakins
Murica 2017
30˝x40˝, mixed media, acrylic on canvas, 2017

Beatrice Finger
21˝x10.5˝, acrylic on canvas, 2017

Beatrice Finger
Sunday Afternoon
21˝x17˝, acrylic on canvas, 2017

Beatrice Finger
12.5˝x16.5˝, acrylic on canvas, 2017

Mark P. Fisher
Group No. 1
14˝x18˝, oil on board, 2017

John Friedman
I-80 Rest Stop
Great Salt Lake Desert, Utah, 23˝x30˝, archival digital photograph, 2017

Janey Fritsche
Tide Pool 4
20˝x16˝, mixed media on canvas, 2017

Mark Galt
Ticker. Mechanical Heart #3
12˝x6˝x6˝, brass, bronze, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, 2017

Mark Galt
Electric Motor Man #7
18˝x6˝x6˝, brass, bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, electricals, 2017

Ruth Gilmore
Monet’s Joy
17.5˝x22.5˝, photograph, 2017

Marvin Granlund
Recent Activity around the Sea of Tranquility
(Haeckel/Seba/Dali/et al)

36˝x28˝, collage, 2017

Melanie Gravois
Burial Ground
48˝x36˝x1.5˝, oil and mixed media on canvas, 2017

Stephanie T. Griffith
Frida’s Garden
13˝x5.5˝x5˝, cotton, beads, buttons, fiberfill, wire and starch, 2017

Stephanie T. Griffith
The Two Fridas
5.5˝x5˝x7˝, cotton, beads, buttons, fiberfill and starch, 2016

Jeffrey Hantman
26˝x24˝x8˝, mixed media on wood, 2016

Judy Hart
Mapping Continents
24˝x24˝x2˝, mixed media on wood, 2017

Judy Hart
mixed media on wood, 2017

Judy Hart
Spill over Structure
24˝x24˝x2˝, mixed media on wood, 2017

Ana Lisa Hedstrom
Origami Folds: Patterning Paper Yukatas
38˝x30˝ each, indigo on paper, 2017

Ralf Hillebrand
My Americans, Oakland, CA
32˝x44˝, ink jet print, 2014

Sharon Hind-Smith
Alameda Freighter and Cranes
16˝x20˝, watercolor, 2016

Ann Holsberry
Cosmology 2 (Deleuze’s Dream)
36˝x28.5˝, cyanotype, gouache, ink on paper, 2015

Craig Hong
Good as Dirt
39˝x41˝, acrylic on canvas, 2017

Archana Horsting
Chez Mondrian after André Kertész
36˝x28˝, oil stick on paper, 2015

Siobhan Hughes
Ghosts I
6.5˝x2.5˝ each, kiln formed, cold worked glass, 2016

Harley Jensen
Museum Stairs
Germany, 24˝x18˝, photograph, 2015

Jerry Jezowski
digital photograph, 2013

Ken Kalman
American Indian Lands
31˝x40˝x48˝, wood, paper, aluminum, 2015

Teresa Kalnoskas
oil, alkyd, wax on cotton rag board, 2017

Sarah Kobrinsky
Poetry Project
performance, 2017

Joseph Kosdrosky
7˝X5˝, acrylic on wood, 2017

Joseph Kosdrosky
Imaginary Friends
7˝x5˝, acrylic on wood, 2016

Joseph Kosdrosky
One Pink Squirrel, Please
8˝x6˝, acrylic on canvas, 2016

Joseph Kosdrosky
You Talk Too Much
8˝x8˝, acrylic on canvas, 2017

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