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Jerry Smith
40"x32", acrylic on panel, 2012

Vickie Jo Sowell
Dry Gulch Installation (Life Beneath)
60"x54"x79", steel, glass, 2018

M. Louise Stanley
One Dozen Protest Signs
acrylic on canvas, 2017-18

M. Louise Stanley
The Good Old Days
44"x54", acrylic on canvas, 2014

Joel Swisher
House of Truth
11"x14"x.25", black and white digital print, 2013

Joel Swisher
Yan Yan, EZ Discount Market. Jesus Saves
4"x16.5"x.25", black and white digital print, 2015

Cuong Ta
multiple (up to 10") high fired reduction stoneware with underglaze, 2018

Cuong Ta
Wall Buttons
multiple 6" to 10" round high fired reduction stoneware discs, black and with underglaze designs, 2018

Will Tait
A Somewhat Psychedelic Cinnamon Teal
13.5"x18.5"x1", oil on canvas panel, 2018

Hadas Tal
Blue Stripe, White Rose
18"x12", oil on panel, 2018

Hadas Tal
Pink Roses
18"x12", oil on panel, 2018

Claudia Tennyson
40"x40", walnut ink on paper, 2018

Michele Thèberge
You Are My Heaven
48"x48", acrylic and resin on wood, 2017

Bonnie Thomas
Organic 4
29"x23"x1", giclée print on archival paper, 2016

Bonnie Thomas
Organic 5
29"x23"x1", giclée print on archival paper, 2016

René K. A. Thomas
Green Reef Triptych
8"x8"x1.5" each, beeswax, paper collage, 2018

Marlene Tobias
Maelstrom triptych
23.5"x43.5"x1", charcoal on paper, 2016

Lynne Turner
Ultra Violet
26"x26", giclée archival print, 2018

Julie Walker
Light Totems
6"x4"x2" each, kiln glass, 2018

Julie Walker
She leaves them here every morning at dawn.
various siazes, largest 6"x6"x6", kiln glass, 2018

Xan Walker
Gimme Shelter
31"x45"x1.5", photograph on canvas, 2018

Jesse Walton
Both Sides
54"x42", acrylic on canvas, 2015

Kazuko Watanabe
height"xwidth", materials and process, 2018

John Whitehead
46.5"x16"x16", polished, high-grade stainless steel with limited powder coatings, 2018

Derrick Williams
18"x24", marker and pen on paper, 2018

Renée Willis
Filigree Hair Pin
4.5"x4mmx1.25"", sterling silver, 22k yellow gold, hand fabricated, ????

Renée Willis
Granulated Butterfly Pendant
???? length of chain and dimensions of pendant, oxidized sterling silver chain, 22k yellow gold, white diamond, hand fabricated, ????

Renée Willis
Ring Set (tiara and band with diamond)
1"x6mmx4mm, oxidized sterling silver, 22k yellow gold, white diamond, ????

Renée Willis
Rock Crystal Pebble Necklace
???? length of chain, oxidized sterling silver, semi-precious rock crystal , ????

Renée Willis
Sweetie Pie Earrings
???? length and width, 22k gold, handfabricated granulation, grey baroque pearl, ????

Renée Willis
6"x4mmx5", sterling silver, 22k yellow gold, hand fabricated, ????

John W. Wood
Surprising Connections
28"x38", mixed media on paper mounted on panel, finished with cold wax varnish, 2018

Robert Zentner
Large Inkspot
60"x48", sumie on canvas, 2012

Troy Ziel
Twisted Cypressí
24"x36", with bevel float frame, photograph on metal print, 2017

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