Curator Statement

If the works in this 2013 Emeryville Celebration of the Arts exhibition were all part of one individual’s private collection, it would be termed eclectic. In our case, the operative word is diverse – and that it truly is – as diverse as the population of this tiny island in the middle of the East Bay sprawl. Within 1.25 square miles live and work hundreds of creative artists who employ any and every possible medium to realize their visions. From elegant minimalist compositions to complex expressive inventions, this exhibition has something that will speak to every visitor.

A second key word that describes the works in this exhibition is craftsmanship. Photographers, painters, artists working in metal, clay, textiles and wood all manifest skill and understanding of the materials and techniques involved.

The designer’s challenge in a large group exhibition such as this one is to achieve harmony and balance. The Bay Street site for 2013 is an ideal space in which to accomplish this task with its polished concrete floors, newly finished walls, abundant natural light and the prerequisite contemporary industrial look of exposed plumbing, conduit and air ducting.

What does it take to successfully produce an exhibition of this quality and magnitude on a minimal budget? Over the past twenty-seven years a collective spirit has developed in Emeryville. This spirit drives the event. It is composed of a large community of creative artists, a cooperative city government, enthusiastic members of the business community, art lovers and volunteers. Add to all of this the invaluable generosity and expertise of jurors like this year’s Sandy Simon of TRAX Gallery, Berkeley and René de Guzman, Senior Curator of Art at the Oakland Museum of California; and one practiced administrator like Sharon Wilchar who has guided the project for almost 30 years.

Kathleen Hanna

Emeryville Celebration of the Arts
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