Thank Yous

October in the Bay Area, beautiful weather and the art scene is hopping. Emeryville Celebration of the Arts has been a part of that scene for 27 years, in large part, due to the continued collaboration of our city leaders, generous business leaders, energetic Board and Committee members, one hundred plus volunteers and, oh yes, a strong, sustained, creative artist community.

My heartfelt gratitude continues for the generosity of time, spirit and skills that our Board and Operating Committee bring to the Art Exhibition each year. Volunteer Coordinators Frances Gaston, Pam Mendelsohn and Linda Boyd – you are still the best! Reception Coordinators Jean Goldman, Albert Repola, Kurt Brinkman and Dena Justice continue to improve what is already the hottest party in town. Add to this Dan McNevin, Dan Carlevaro, Gwen Souza, Kava Massih and Elyse Klaidman pitching in whenever and wherever needed. In addition, as if she hasn’t done enough for us already, Linda Boyd deftly programs our beautiful website and works behind the scenes in innumerable ways.

A very special thank you this year to Board and Operating Committee member Albert Repola of Ruby*s Cafe. His generosity to this event, in so very many ways, is simply unparalleled. Emeryville, in general, and our organization, in particular, are fortunate to have him call Emeryville home.

We took a big leap this year with our successful art outing to Oliver Ranch in Geyserville. Thank you to our host Steve Oliver, to Frances Gaston, Jean Goldman and Albert Repola for spearheading and organizing this event and to all of you who made the trip with us. We’ll be sure to keep you posted as to where we’ll take you next as we develop a year round presence in the community.

Curator Kathleen Hanna’s expertise speaks for itself as you navigate this large exhibition of diverse media and styles and her extensive experience with artists, arts organizations and volunteers is invaluable, always thinking of creative ways, on many levels, to improve the show. Publicist Genevieve Antaky keeps us visible in the busy October Bay Area arts’ scene. Designer Suzanne Anderson has given us eye-catching, handsome graphics this year combined with unending patience as we chase down each deadline. Thank you to each of you. Your spirit and professionalism make this project a joy for me.

Thank you to our exhibition site sponsors, Madison Market Retail Services/Bay Street: Eric Hohmann, Cedric Young, Alice Rose, Wendell Lane and Heath McCue. You have given us a dream space at 5699 Bay Street and we look forward to sharing it with your followers and with ours.

As always, a thank you to our City Council for their long-standing support of the arts in our community. And to Sabrina Landreth, Helen Bean, Mike Biddle and Mike Mahoney of the City of Emeryville, your support and cooperation are invaluable.

As you view the 27th Annual Emeryville Art Exhibition, know that all those mentioned here, and many more, are responsible for moving us forward this year. Enjoy the art Emeryville has to offer!

Sharon Wilchar
Project Coordinator

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