De Martile - Gray

Tony De Martile
“Portrait Project”, nine images, 8"x8" each, iPhone photographs, 2014

Joseph DiStefano
“Spirits in the Yard”, 32"x26", ceramic tile on wood

Scott Donahue
“Woman”, 24"x17"x13", oil painted, underglazed ceramic, 2014

Vivianne Dufour
“Glorious Morning”, 19"x13"x1.5", photograph, 2013

Rae Dunn
#1 “Wall of Plates”, 41"x38", ceramic, 2011-2014

Richard Elliott
“Body Slices: Two Years of Actual and Possible Health Concerns”, 12"x37"x1.5", hog gut (sausage casings), desktop printed, 2014

Steven Epstein
“Nothing, AZ”, 17"x22", black & white film to scan, archival ink print, 2012

Jaclyn Feakins
“Space Barbie - Lost in ...”, 72"x72"x1", acrylic on board, 2011

Jennifer Fisher
“Curve and Line”, 9"x5"x8" total (set of 3), porcelain, 2009

Jennifer Fisher
“Hold Me Mug”, 6"x4"x3" each (set of 2), stoneware clay, 2009

Mark P. Fisher
“Pronk Still Even (Bountiful Table)”, 14"x18", acrylic on board, 2014

Sue Fross
Untitled, 12"x14"x.5", plywood and burlap, 2014

Donna Gamel
“Fort Point”, 30"x24", watercolor, 2014

Gretchen Gibson
“Lemon”, 16"x12", oil on canvas, 2014

Ruth Gilmore
“Koi Fish Painting”, 20"x30", photograph, 2013

Linda Goodman
“Muse (Back)”, 31"x25.5", color monotype, WB, 2010

Cie Goulet
“Reflection”, 28"x32", oil on wood, 2014

Melinda Gray
“Tree of Life”, 37"x27"x11", mixed media, 2014

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