Hantmann - Lund

Jeff Hantman
“Ridgid Light”, 83"x30"x37", mixed media (recycled materials), 2013

Kim Harrington
“Upended #2”, 32"x40", photographic print, 2012

Blanca Hayward
“On the Avenue”, 12"x16", acrylic on canvas, 2014

Ana Lisa Hedstrom
“Diamonds”, from the Trompe L’oeil Quilt series, 57"x35", hand dyed silk, pieced, 2014

Ralf Hillebrand
“Jack’s Hands”, 30"x40", inkjet print, 2012

Sharon Hind-Smith
“King’s Court, El Cerrito, CA”, 20"x28", watercolor, 2013

Carl Hoard II
“Mondela, Tengboche Monastery, Nepal”, 33"x23", high definition digital photographic imaging on high glass white aluminum, 2011

Ann Holsberry
“Navigating by Stars 3”, 20"x30"x1.75", cyanotype, gouache and encaustic on paper mounted on panel, 2014

Archana Horsting
“Martinique, after Andre Kertesz”, 28"x36" , oil stick on paper, 2014

Michael Ifland
“Somewhere”, 30"x40", pencil on illustration board, 2014

Cheshire Isaacs
“Miriam with Strawberries”, 24"x16", photograph, 2014

Harley Jensen
“Architecture #1”, 24"x18", digital photograph, 2014

Dale E. Johnson
“Industrialization. Before and After”, diptych, 12"x16" each,
acrylic on canvas, 2012

George Kaplan
“Ferry Legs”, 20"x30", digital photographic pigment print on archival metallic paper with pearlescent coating, 2014

Jerry Kapler
“Soldier and Butterflies”, 15"x40", archival Inkjet print, 2014

Nancy Karp + Dancers
“Double Portraits”, site specific dance work,
November 2nd, 3:00 P.M. and 4:00 P.M., 2014

Therese Lahaie
“Mantra Man #105”, 10.5"x9.5"x4", cardboard, steel, ink, LED’s, diffusing film, magnet, 2013


Kate Leffler
“Bakery Lofts”, triptych, each panel 10"x8", oil on wood, 2010

Po Shun Leong
“Landscape Box”, 25"x23"x11.75", various woods, LED light, 2014

John W. Lund
“Badwater Road”, 21.5"x15", archival digital print, 2014

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