Quinn - Silvia

Susan Quinn
“Early Morning, Fenghuang, China”, 20"x30"x2",
photograph, archival print, 2014

Jerome Ranft
“Tyler”, 15"x7"x9.5", fired ceramic on wood, 2014

Sara Richardson
“Inky Thread”, 10"x8.5", monoprint - oil based ink on BFK Paper,

Laura Rifkin
“In the Fullness of Time”, 11.5"x9.875"x1.75",
mixed media, acrylic, collage, 2014

Rik Ritchey
“My Iconoclast”, 75"x56", acrylic, polyurethane, 2014

Eric Sanchez
“Blue Swallow Hotel - Tucumcari, NM”, 20"x30", archival inkjet mounted on panel, 2014

Dean Santner
“Another Line Dance in Parma Runs Amok”, 22"x26"x10", thermally modified aspen, dyed maple, acid etched steel plate, 2014

Foad Satterfield
“Dreamscape (Detail)” , 19"x34" framed, photograph; archival print, 2012

Gretchen Schneider
“Lake Chabot, Reed, Water, and Wind”, 16"x20", digital photograph, 2014

Lillian Schroth
“Hair Project”, 35"x93"x.75", photographs mounted on foamcore, 2013


Debra Saye
Untitled, 6.6"x10", photograph, 2013    Untitled, 10.2"x8.5", photograph, 2011    Untitled, 6.6"x10", photograph, 2013

William Schwob
“Figure in Ruins”, 78"x13"x17", wood-fired clay, 2014

Nancy Sears
“Emeryville Industry #5”, 30"x24", oil on canvas, 2006

Susan Scott
“Dryads”, 22"x28", archival Inkjet print, 2013

Susan Scott
“Plague of Soles”, 24"x24", archival Inkjet print, 2013

Steve Senter
“Fifth Station”, 30"x72", oil on canvas, 2014

Vincent Seritella
“Light Headed”, 30"x22.5", acrylic on paper, 2013

Marnika Shelton
“Human Commodity”, 9"x11,5"x8.25", ceramics, mixed media, 2014

M. T. Silvia
“White Birds”, 25.25"x29.75, photograph printed on paper, 2012

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