Skarr - Zulaski

Steve Skaar
“Arrival at Rainbow Lake”, 37"x57", acrylic on canvas, 2014

Kevin Smith
“27th & Balboa”, 10"x30", oil on panel, 2014

Vickie Jo Sowell
“The Flow”, 108"x66"x18", welded steel, 2014

M. Louise Stanley
“Homage to Magritte”, 14"x18", acrylic on canvas, 2014

Steven Steinberg
“Band of Brothers”, 36"x72"x1.5", oil on canvas, 2013

Carl Stieger
“Pastoral”, 10"x13", pastel on paper, 2014

Jim Stipovich
“Great Sand Dunes”, 15.25"x15.375", photograph, 1984

Bernhard Sund
Untitled, 10.6"x7", photograph, 2014

Moonyoung Sung
“Shadow of Paradise”, 10""x8", linocut on paper, 2014

Cuong Ta
Untitled, 48"x36"x4", installation of ceramic coil pieces, 2014

Will Tait
“Codex Postremo”, 30" diameter x2", claro walnut,
carved high density foam, bronzed and patinated, 2011/2012

Gail Tarantino
“Old/New Vocabulary”, 34"x46", intaglio with acrylic ink on paper, 2012

Michele Theberge
“Everything is waiting for you”, 55.5"x47.5", gouache on paper, pins, 2014

René K. A. Thomas
“Stillness & Light No. 1”, 5"x15", digital photograph,
archival pigment print, 2014

Lynne Turner
“Winter Market with Espelette Peppers and Napa Cabbage”, 40"x30", archival Inkjet print on Somerset paper, 2014

Xan Blood Walker
“Blue Juxtapoz...”, image/11.5"x11.5", framed/20.75"x20.75", digital photograph, 2012

Jesse Walton
“Contrapposto Figure with Tiger”, 60"x44",
inkjet on museo silver rag, 2014

Kazuko Watanabe
“Soaring Skies”, 20.5"x17"x1.5", artist’s book containing 10 booklets: multiple photo polymer gravure (aquatint and gampi chine collé), 2014

Ann Weber
“After Ellsworth (Green)”, 79"x27"x10", found cardboard, staples, polyurethane, 2014

Derrick Williams
“I Used to Love Her”, 11"x8.5", pen, sharpie, Towbow marker, 2014

John W Wood
“Accept What Comes”, 40.5"x40.5"x2.5",
mixed media on paper mounted on panel, 2013

LauraLe Wunsch
“O-type Chair”, 34"x19.75"x21", retired fire hose salvaged from Bay Area fire stations, powder coated aluminum, Delrin wheels

Jenny Zentner
“Hidden-Heart Sutra Red”, 48"x30", Interference acrylics, 2014

Robert Zentner
“Doughnut Head”, 43"x30"x1.5", pigment on paper, 2013

Hongying Zhu
“Pear and Tea”, 8"x10", oil on wood, 2014

Troy Ziel
“An Artful Japanese Onsen Breakfast”, 24"x36"x2.5", Giclée canvas gallery wrap, 2013

Jeremie Zulaski
“Carousels of Destiny”, 26"x26"x4", mixed media, 2012

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