Emeryville Celebration of the Arts is a nonprofit organization committed to fostering an appreciation of the arts and artists in Emeryville, CA, and to promote the city as a culturally vital and progressive center for living and working.

The purpose of the organization is to produce and coordinate community-based events and programs that increase awareness of the arts and artists in all forms of creative expressions. The annual art exhibit, a juried show featuring works of 115 artists who live or work in Emeryville, is sponsored by the city of Emeryville and held each year in October. Ongoing for more than twenty years the annual art exhibit offers the opportunity to discover emerging talent along with new work by established artists.


First held in 1987, the Emeryville Annual Art Exhibition was initially conceived as an event to recognize the City’s active and visionary partnership with the Emeryville Artists’ Cooperative. Through the Redevelopment Agency’s participation in the purchase of the Cooperative’s warehouse, the City played a major role in stabilizing the live/work environment so vital to its creative community. While the concept of the Exhibition began as a celebration of this partnership, it quickly expanded to embrace the entire artist population of Emeryville.



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