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Heather Deyling
Invented Hybrids 063
8"x10"x1/2", glass, enamel, paper and color pencil, 2017

Scott Donahue
Immigrant Angel
37"x44"x35", Forton gypsum and
fiberglass with paint, 2018

Susan Donohue
Secrets in the Forest
30"x24", oil on canvas, year?

Richard Elliott
Cellular Cleavage
48"x24"x3", hand dyed hog gut
(sausage casings), 2017-18

Mazen Faloughi
Bricks of Glass
36"x24"x.875", acrylic and print on canvas, 2017

Jaclyn Feakins
Mother at the Lake Hopatcong Yacht Club
40"x30"x.75", acrylic on canvas, 2018

Christine FitzGerald
Clear Eyes, Full Heart
12"x12", digital print on canvas, 2015

Rebecca Fogg
Fluid Dynamics
24"x23", watercolor, 2012

Rebecca Fogg
23.5"x22.5", watercolor, 2013

Erin Fong
The Freindship Project
80"x60", letterpress, 2018

Katrine Forget
I Left Them on in Kansas City
14.5"x14.5", photograph/archival print, 2018

John Friedman
US Route 191 at US-6 with White Pickup;
Price Canyon near Helper, Utah

22"x28", photograph, archival digital print, 2018

Mark Galt
Machine Clock
10"x14"x7", aluminum, bronze, brass, electricals, cold-cathode numeric display tubes, 2018

Mark Galt
Three Dancing Bones
16"x19"x10", steel, aluminum, brass, cast iron,roller chain, coyote femurs, 2018

Donna M. Gamel
Family Outing
16.25"x19.25", watercolor, 2018

Frank Gammon
Dog Days
8"x10", archival print, 2017

Paul Germain
Bow 03
40"x36"x12", wood, aluminum, PSA hardware, 2018

Ana Maria Gower
Transfusion No. 12
40"x30"x1.5", Mixed media, acrylic and spray paint, 2017

Marvin L. Granlund
First Inclination of Mother Nature's Political Awakening
38"x24", paper collage, 2017

Judy Hart
Happy Hour at Pao de Acucar
30"x30"x2", mixed media on wood, 2017

Judy Hart
Too Many Open Paths
30"x30"x2", mixed media on wood, 2017

Sharon Hind-Smith
Whirlybird Crane
20"x28", watercolor, 2018

Carl Hoard II
Textures - A Desert Sublime
27"x39", digital photographs
on high gloss aluminum, 2018

Ann Holsberry
Cosmology 4 (Still Point)
35.75"x35.75", cyanotype, paint, machine stitching, and duralar on paper, 2015

Ann Holsberry
15.875"x12.875" each, cyanotype, oil paint, encaustic, and cold wax on paper on panel, 2016

Craig Hong
42"x50"x1.5", acrylic on canvas, 2018

Archana Horsting
Le Notre's Garden, after Eugene Atget's Saint-Coud, 1921-22
27.75"x39.5", oil stick on Fabriano, 2018

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