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Yuzo Nakano
34"x34"x2", archival pigmented print on canvas, 2018

Jered Nelson
Inverted Black Holes
30"x9", Jered Nelson's California porcelain blend and his Black Hills Black glaze with ceramic pencil, 2016

Bonnie Neumann
401.5"x41.5", oil on panel, 2018

Laura Newbold
Lipstick and Cactus Redux
diptych, each panel 12"x12", oil on wood, 2018

Jeannie O'Connor
Madam Geneva's Storefront
34"x45.5", archival pigment print, 2018

Sara Paloma
grouping of vase forms, 10" to 25", black stoneware, 2018

Leon Jeong Wook Park
Differentiation 201801
46"x104", acrylic on canvas, 2018

Nora Pauwels
Blue Flax
62"x32", plexi gravure and carborundum printed on silk, 2018

Nora Pauwels
62"x34", plexi gravure and carborundum printed on silk, 2018

Mary Pecka
19"x13", digital photograph, archival pigment print, series of 3, 2017

Jennica "Koda C." Petersen
Breakfast in Belize
24"x18", acrylic on canvas, 2012

Michael Pope
Walking Banski
16.5"x15", pastel on paper, 2018


Fran Quittel
Band Shell Dance (from The Central Park Lost Mitten Party)
8.5"x11", color pencil on paper, 2018

Karen Redgreene
Amendment #4
20"x16"x.75", acrylic, pastel on canvas, 2017

Ruth Rhoten
Mother Spoon
6"x1", sterling silver, 1980/2018

Ruth Rhoten
Crane Chop Sticks
11" long with base, sterling silver, 18k gold, ebony, 1998/2018

Ruth Rhoten
Baby Spoon
4.125"x1.25", sterling silver, 1980/2018

Laura Rifkin
6"x6"x.25", wax, metal on panel, 2018

Rik Ritchey
Lazarus, Milk, Recoil
84"x18" each, charcoal, pastel,
oil stick on paper, 2018

Dean Santner
Please Enjoy a Seat in the
Ritz-Parma Jungle Room

27"x27"x22", wood, 2018

Amitai Schwartz
The Blue Window
11"x14", archival Inkjet print, 2018

William Schwob
Figure with Guarded Vision
68"x15"x17", wood fired clay, 2015

Susan Scott
Incubation from the Manipulated Tintype Series
8"x11", photo/archival print, 2015

Steve Senter
48"x36", oil on canvas, 2018

Toppling of the Temple Tehri
24"x36"x2", acrylic on canvas, 2015

Steve Skaar
The Ladder
16"x20", acrylic on canvas, 2018

Steve Skaar
Driverless Vehicle
18"x24", acrylic on canvas, 2018

Steve Skaar
Inside IKEA
20"x24", acrylic on canvas, 2018

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