There is a quote I keep pinned on the wall in my kitchen, of all places: “Art is the signature of civilization” – Beverly Sills. Perhaps in these times when several other components of what may be called civilization seem to be on a wayward path, art remains an informative, hopeful, and sometimes thought provoking, constant. With the 32nd Annual Emeryville Art Exhibition, the arts community of our city invites you into their world, our world.

But it takes a dedicated Board of Directors, Operating Committee, and volunteers to extend this invitation and open our doors to the Bay Area each October. Board members Linda Boyd, Frances Gaston and Pam Mendelsohn are charged with organizing our many volunteers and they keep this crucial element running smoothly and on schedule. Linda also handles all things regarding our website, internet communiques, signage, and the list goes on and on. Our opening night reception is our city’s cultural and community event of the year with members Shane Clabaugh, Frances Gaston, John Bauters and Albert Repola at the helm. We do like to party! Kelly Grace pitches in wherever needed and makes sure our posters are seen in all the right places. Gwen Souza takes charge of artwork intake with efficiency and a wicked sense of humor, all the while tending to detail. Kava Massih and Ken Schmier cast a wide, experienced net in scouring the city for our maxi pop-up space.

Our publicist Genevieve Antaky does a masterful job of getting our story out to the Bay Area. Curator Kathleen Hanna knows more than anyone the significant challenge of designing for a new space each year. She is a master though with decades of experience, a love for this event and its artists, and a reverence for the artwork. But perhaps the professional who most keenly feels the strain of securing a site so late in the timeline is our graphic designer. It has been such a pleasure for me this year to have the opportunity to work with Suzanne Anderson again, a masterful creative individual and spirit. Thank you to all of you for your extraordinary professional skills and your patience with me and our event.

An enormous thank you to Nasser Azimi of East Bay Therapeutics and East Bay Drone Zone for the exhibition space. New to our community, he took a leap of faith with us and we wish him a prosperous, strong run in Emeryville with all of his many endeavors.

Thank you to our City Council members for their continued support, former City Manager Carolyn Lehr, Economic Development Manager Chad Smalley, Emi Thériault, Amber Evans, Navarre Oaks, Miroo Desai, and Kivu Jamal Hudson. We welcome Christine Daniel and look forward to a long, art-filled tenure with her as our new City Manager. And, of course, none of this would be possible without our generous donors, both individual and corporate.

We are pleased to continue as the City of Emeryville’s non-profit partner for our Cultural Arts District. Programming for the District is beginning to be populated with new tools and elements through the guidance and work of Emi Thériault in Economic Development. Emi and Chad Smalley have full plates these days with many exciting prospects for the arts in our city. Last month saw the City Council moving forward in earnest with the Emeryville Center for the Arts as they selected ODI for an exclusive negotiating agreement for the development of the Center. We look forward to engaging our community in further community meetings for this project.

Come on in. The art is waiting and welcomes you.

Sharon Wilchar



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